The Crime Reports. Episode 5: Strain Theory

The Crime Reports. Episode 5: Strain Theory

Would you like to solve the main riddle of this crime/ well, then you have to find all the details that could help you. Just use all tips and be the real detective. This woman will help you. Just have faith in yourself and you will be the best!
This is the house where the criminal we are looking for grew up. Maybe we can better understand the way he thinks by finding some of his personal items. Well, you are making some good progress, the forensics team is also helping us on this one. But we must try harder. There are still not enough evidence to expose the true story of our suspect. Some items are quite hard to find. Use a special magnifier to find them faster. You have learned many things about suspect, but we still do not know what he plans for his next crime. Let us investigate further.

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The Crime Reports. Episode 5: Strain Theory