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Hello and welcome to our Favorite Games directory. Here we will tell you about the best games which you will be able to find on our site. While playing this games, you can help your favorite characters and heroes to fight against evil all over the world and to take part in amazing adventures. Meet the characters from your favorite cartoons, comics and TV series such as Scooby-Doo, Batman, Spider-Man, Tom and Jerry and many others! Are you ready to plunge into the world of breathtaking adventures which will not surely leave any true gamer indifferent? Then this section is exactly what you need – thus do not waste your precious time and start playing these wonderful games for kids, teens and adults right now - shooting games, action games and strategy games online.

These nice games are the ones which have been chosen by players on their own, and it means that it is guaranteed that their quality is really undeniable. Having visited this category, you can be sure that you have found only the best of the best games which are available on this site. You and your kids will have much fun playing great online games and helping the legendary heroes. But not only hero games are situated here – there are also many interesting puzzle games, cool math games, breathtaking action, arcade and shooting games which are worth being played as well.

 In this section you have an opportunity to enjoy the best games collected on our site: maybe you like Batman games, or probably you get more fun and pleasure playing Spiderman games or Minecraft games – you can be sure that you will find only the best games of all genres for every taste. Such variety of true masterpieces of gaming world will pleasantly surprise the gamers from anywhere in the universe. These games will bring its fans lots of moments, minutes, hours and days of fun, whoever they are and no matter how old they are. Be ready for breathtaking adventures, difficult riddles and enthralling challenges which open for you the gate to new heights and lead the game industry out to a qualitatively new level. Your favorite characters and heroes are waiting for you and your friends in these games – join them and enjoy the interesting pastime! 

You will find only true game hits in the Favorite Games section. The best Lego games, Star Wars, Tom and Jerry games and many other interesting things are waiting for you in this directory. If you like amazing adventures, heroic or funny characters, then we can tell you that you have come exactly to where you need. Prepare to meet the best heroes of all times and enjoy living their lives. Who is your favorite cartoon, comics' or TV series' hero? Maybe Spider-Man? Or Batman? Or maybe you enjoy playing Angry Birds games? Here you will find whatever your heart desires. Just choose the game you would like to play now and plunge headlong into the world of legendary heroes, wise kings, brave knights, beautiful princesses, funny fabulous creatures, scary monsters and terrible villains. If you liked some of these games, we would be grateful to you if you will recommend them to you brothers, sisters and friends. So, in the whole, basing on the above, we can consider all of these game to be very interesting and successful projects worth being played by children, teens and adults of all ages all over the world. Good luck, player!