The Crime Reports. Episode 4: Mystery Well

The Crime Reports. Episode 4: Mystery Well

Would you like to be the real detective? So, there is no other way to do, just try to find all the necessary things and you will solve the main riddle of this ghost village. Is everything clear? Then just try it and you will cope with it! Have fun!
This will be your first case as a detective. The residents of this small village are witness of frequent ghost appearance. Ghosts often emerge from the well located at the far end of the village. They are calling us to investigate this case, because they are afraid that their lives may be in danger. The citizens of the village gave a statement about a mysterious well, they told us that two or three times per month, they can hear strange sounds that are coming from the bottom of the well and it seems as if ghosts are emerging at that location.

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The Crime Reports. Episode 4: Mystery Well