Daughter of the Moon

Daughter of the Moon

Here you will have to help this nice girl to become normal. She just wanna to find all treasures in her house and give it to the locals. Strange, yeah? You have to be really attentive and do everything to find all objects. There will be several rooms, so be ready for it. Good luck!
This game is about cute girl, whose name is a daughter of the moon. This is quite strange, cause she  leaves her home only at night. People are so afraid of her which makes them think of her as a werewolf. Hmmm. You have to help her to prove them wrong. That is why she decided to gather part of her treasure and give it to the locals. By the way, her father was a very reach man and he has left all treasures. But she does not want it. She just wants a normal life. Help her to find all things that are required.

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Daughter of the Moon