21 Days on the Moon

21 Days on the Moon

Have you ever dream to make a cool trip to the Moon? Then do it! Or... stop! There is something terrible and really dangerous! So, take your gun and shoot! There are so many aliens who want to kill you, so avoid them and kill. You have only 21 days, try to survive.
You have only 21 days on the moon to stay alive and try to survive all the alien attacks around you, cause they are really dangerous and there is the only one way to the win. You have to kill them all! That is why, by shooting aliens you gain money and with that money you can buy upgrades in the store. It is quite easy to control, just use WASD or arrow keys to move around and space for jet. Use mouse for aiming and shooting. Do you think that it it so easy? Well, then go ahead! We know that you are able to do this and survive at any rate!

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21 Days on the Moon