Zuzu the Elf & the Box of Banishment

Zuzu the Elf & the Box of Banishment

It's time to help the little Elves to escape the terrible monsters. They lived happily and one day, something wrong has happened. Be attentive and try to avoid all obstacles. Bring the happiness to little creatures. Enjoy the game!
Here you will be moved to the world of elves. For centuries elves have co-exicted with all manner of magical being in the lands of foot in perfect harmony. This is was thanks to an intricate spell cast by the ancient High Elves of the North. Creating a series of trans dimensional barriers, effectively separating good from evil order from chaos light from dark. The power to open the barriers was locked inside the box. Knowledge of the location of this chest was thought to have died along with the ancient who hid it. The elven world has been thrown into imbalance and destruction is already spreading in the borderlands. Have much fun here!

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Zuzu the Elf & the Box of Banishment