Zom Shooter

Zom Shooter

Oh no! There are already here! Do something, cause all these zombies wanna to kill you! First of all you must take the ammo and protect yourself. There are a lot of riddles too, so use all your skills and stay alive as long as you can. Take care...
It is terrible! Brrr! There are a lot of zombies here! Can you imagine that you are locked in a room full of zombies?! So, all you know is that the key to the exit door is hidden somewhere in a box. Hm, it is not so easy. Look at the map that will help you, the blue dots are boxes where you will find ammo, weapons or key that takes you to the exit. Is everything clear? Then clean our world from all of these horrible creatures! So, take the weapon and shoot! You must kill all these zombies.

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Zom Shooter