Zombie Society

Zombie Society

Here you are going to play with... zombies...! could you believe that? Then just control these characters and choose different ways of the story. You will be the part of this crazy and strange world. Is everything clear? Then go ahead!

Follow detective Margh around with his sidekick, Ghvnn while they investigate a mystery that goes deeper than it first appears. Just make choices for Margh as the story advances and enjoy the humorous, occasionally campy, and yet curious start of an intriguing tale. And while the choices you make in part #1 don't seem to alter the story much, it has ensured that these seemingly minor options will impact the plot in a much larger way later on down the road. The characters are fleshed out well enough that they are charming and lovable in their own gory way, and you're not going to mind helping the undead along on their quest. Have fun!

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  • Rating 4.44
  • Rated 14
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Zombie Society