Zombie Miner

Zombie Miner

If you are not scared of zombie then this game was created especially for you. You will be given a limited playing time. During this time you have to do everything to alive. Brrr...!
In this game you are suggested to be like a miner, the main goal is to survive. You are given only three minutes, after that you will be killed by zombies. But you are really smart and you think logically, thus you can build a so called underground refuge, where you can defend yourself. For this purpose you have nine options. One of the way to survive is to bury down and put round yourself blocks or lava that will definitely kills all zombies. And do not forget to set a lamp in underground. Do not be scare and you will be the winner in this fight!

Game Statistics

  • Rating 4.32
  • Rated 99
  • Played 25,859

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Zombie Miner