Wise Turn

Wise Turn

We are looking for the smartest guy. Hey! Are you there? Then you must be really attentive, cause all these things move at the same time in row and columns. So, use different tips and set the best record here. Are you ready for that? Then go ahead right now.
Here just click on the row or column you want to turn. It can be a bit tricky to select the row from the column you want to adjust, but if you keep your mouse off to the side instead of on the individual tiles it's much easier to pick the one you wanted, though it's easy to tell which you have elected since it highlights everything that moves. Well, even if you make an incorrect click there is a great undo button. And there are, in fact, two undo buttons, one to go back a move and one that resets the board for you. Just enjoy the game right now.

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Wise Turn