Wild West Trader

Wild West Trader

Here you must do everything to find all the useful things and help this guy as soon as possible. Well, are you ready for that? Then just choose the game and be sure that you will cope with it. So, is everything clear? Then just go ahead!
The name of this guy is Franklin and people call him the merchant. He earns for living by buying items that are not necessary for their owners, than he sells them in the next city. His gift is seeing the real value in every item. Then he talks to the owner and convince him to sell it to him for a smaller price. Let's look here and maybe we will find something valuable. His wish is to open a shop where people can come with their items and he will buy from them and then resell those items for a better price, that is why he thinks that is the future. He will earn a lot about trading, just be patient.

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Wild West Trader