Where's my Finger

Where's my Finger

This time you will control the... finger! Yeah! Just imagine that you have to save it from the piranhas attack, cause they are everywhere. Just use the mouse and lead it to the finish. It is not so easy, as it seems to be at first, so put enough efforts and save the finger!
As you know in seas live not only nice and kind fish and animals. You definitely know anything about piranhas? So, these piranha really love fingers. And you must save it at any rate! Well I am pretty sure they will eat any sort of meat. And today it is your finger they are after and only you can stop them from having lunch. Just use the mouse to control it and lead to the surface of the sea. Just try it and do not let these horrible fishes to be satisfied. We know that you can do this, just try.

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Where's my Finger