Where is my Bed?

Where is my Bed?

This guy really needs your help! That is why you should help him get the bed and move with the every circle. Use all the skills of yours and try to be the best. Is everything clear? Then do not waste your time and have fun!
You are the only one, who can do this! As you have already understood, your task is to create moving circles to answer the question, where is my bed? This nighttime puzzle game lets you travel across connected shapes. By the way, you must time each move carefully to avoid wasting circles. Just do everything to reach the bed before running out of shapes and make this guy really happy! Use the mouse to play and try to do everything perfect. You know that if you wanna to sleep, there should be no obstacles, but this guy has it! So, help him to reach the bed and good luck to you!

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Where is my Bed?