Turbo Cars 3D Racing

Turbo Cars 3D Racing

Wow! It's really amazing 3D racing game! Cause here you can choose the best sport car and take part! Win the race and get more points. Are you ready for such a challenge? So, do not waste your time and step on the juice!
Have you ever dream to take part in the real race? Well, in this game all your dreams will come true! Just drive your way the the front of each race to win the championship. You must use strategy to win, streamline behind other cars then use your boost to speed past them! Just choose from six unlockable cars on six challenging tracks for the full experience in such an amazing game!be very attentive and careful, cause everything depends on you now. Use the arrow keys to move and have fun. Be sure that you will love this game, just have faith in yourself.

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  • Rating 4.74
  • Rated 25
  • Played 3,189

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Turbo Cars 3D Racing