Tricera Rescue

Tricera Rescue

Have you ever been in the past? This is the best way now! You should help the tricera mom to rescue all her kids and collect as many apples as possible. Beware of this terrible dino. You must click on blocks and destroy them. Have a fun!
You must help baby tricera by touching other dinos. Click to remove blocks. Eliminate all enemy. Do not let it touch baby ricera. Eat all apples. The baby Triceratops are having fun on the field. They are protected by their lovely mom who is nearby watching them play. Suddenly, there comes a tyrannosaurus rex and he is hungry. He is after the baby triceratops for its lunch. Help the mom triceratops get to her baby and eliminate the tyrannosaurus. Is everything clear? Then do not waste your time and help them! Use all your skills and they will thank you! Good lick here!

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Tricera Rescue