Tiger Eat Cow

Tiger Eat Cow

Every tiger love to eat meat. The hero of this game this is a tiger who adores cows. He is ready do to everything he can to treat himself with a cow. To reach the cow he must overcome a lot of obstacles and resolve difficult puzzles. Can you help him?
Everyone knows that the tiger are predators. They eat only the meat. They can chase for hours their prey. They are very fast, strong and they are not afraid of anyone. But this poor tiger is not like them. He is very fat ad he can’t walk or run. He can only roll. But it’s not stopping him of trying to catch a tasty cow. Because he wants eat too. And in this puzzle game, developed by GamesBean, your mission is to help him. Your task will not be easy. To reach success, you will have to resolve a lot of difficult and challenging puzzles and overcome a lot of obstacles. There are a lot of challenging levels in this game. Every level will be more difficult. So, you will have to use all your logical thinking to reach success. Can you pass them all?

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Tiger Eat Cow