Tastes and Tales

Tastes and Tales

In this game you will help this guy and prepare the best dish. But first, you should find all the hidden objects here. So, just use all the skills and try to find everything you need. So, if there are no other important things to do, then help this guy.
This is Justin, today he took a day off, but his wife doesn't know. He wants to surprise her, and he will need your help because he doesn't really feel competent in the kitchen. He remembers the moment, when he proposed to his wife, they were in a luxurious restaurant and she was fascinated with the special dish that they ordered, he wants to prepare that kind of dish, but it will be not so easy. Also, one of his friends used to own a restaurant allowed him to come and take all he will need to prepare the special dish, but because the restaurant is not working for a while items are thrown around a place.

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Tastes and Tales