Super Sports Surgery Basketball

Super Sports Surgery Basketball

Would you like to be the real surge? Then use your chance and try to rescue this poor guy! He really needs your help, so just use all the tips and save him. There is no time to explain! You must do something as soon as you can and you will like it.
Are you afraid of... blood? No? Then this game is for you! The greatest potential is in people who do not look for it. And sometimes those people even do not suspect it. But, however once they manage something, they do not stop anymore. That is why, your goal of this game is help a guy in a hot-dog costume in his stellar career of a "professional" surgeon. By the way, his tools are bread, frankfurter, mustard, ketchup and many other ingredients from his stand. So, if you like saving lives in hard conditions, without needed education, try also play.

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Super Sports Surgery Basketball