Squid Skid

Squid Skid

This little octopus thought that he was a squid and always used to look like a squid. And this role played a cruel joke with him one day! He had been caught by squid hunters and put into a cage. Help his elder brother to release him!
This octopus's day was beginning as usual. But everything has changed dramatically due to his beliefs that he was a squid. He had been captured by evil squid hunters. Now his elder brother, who is actually the terrible Kraken, is trying to release him from the cage in this arcade game. Make all efforts to open the cage where his younger brother is languishing. You must be very careful to complete your mission in this new puzzle game! Grab the hunters' ship with your huge tentacles and start swinging it in order that your little bro could get to the key which opens his cage.

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Squid Skid