Robo Duel Fight

Robo Duel Fight

Would you like to check all your fighting skills and take part in the most exciting battles. You can beat your opponent and protect yourself just using Z and X. do you think that it is so easy? Well, then just try it and vanquish this exciting game!
Are you a good fighter? So, warrior robots in the arena! In this game each turn the attacker melee or shooting. The defender chooses anti-melee or anti-shooting after both players choose, it comes with the results. And when the result is the same, the attacker is failed to do high attack damage. When the result is the different the attacker do high attack damage. So, the game end when a player won two rounds in the battle. Is everything clear? So, just use all the skills of yours and show us how cool you are.

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Robo Duel Fight