Ricochet Heroes

Ricochet Heroes

We propose you to sink into the ancient world. Your main goal is to bounce the main hero. Try to aim him just using the mouse and you will see what may happen. Save the princess and become the real hero of the game. Explore the area and you will be definitely surprised. Good luck here!
Just launch the ball and watch it bounce here. And you will see what can happen. Use the mouse to aim, charge, and release your little avatars and watch them bounce off mountains, trees, inns and gateways, doing battle with monsters along the way. Use the arrow keys to tilt your characters in a certain direction to give them a little bump. Keep an eye on health. Too much time spent in the field battling slimes and fox beasts will cause your heroes to die. Actually, you have to save the princess. That it why, be ready to face to many troubles.

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Ricochet Heroes