Pirate Run Away

Pirate Run Away

This young sailor really needs your help! That is why, you must do everything to escape the pirate and stay alive. There are so many dangerous obstacles on your way, so just have faith in yourself and you will cope with it. Enjoy this cool game.
You have a great chance to move to the pirates island. Cause here a young sailor needs to escape a chasing pirate after discovering a great treasure on a remote island and stay alive. In order to reach safe to his ship the boy needs to run as fast as he can, jumping over obstacles and traps and fighting incoming enemies and other obstacles. The pirate will always follow you closely and he will try to shoot against you several times in each level,so be prepared to avoid his bullets by jumping or sliding here. Are you ready? Then go!

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  • Rating 2.67
  • Rated 9
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Pirate Run Away