Perfect Companions

Perfect Companions

So, this time you are going to find all the required things here and help this cute girl to get everything she needs. Just use all the skills and be very attentive. There are a lot of secrets, just help her and do everything to vanquish the game.
This is Jane and her personality is outgoing and she loves animals. You can notice that because at home she has a dog and a cat, and they are very sweet and well behaved. It is great blessing to have such poets. They always brighten the day for her. The night passed by, but she couldn't sleep tightly. She had a feeling something unusual is happening outside. Toby was very upset and was constantly walking up and down around the house, looking out the windows. Bella was always following his lead and never let him go on his own. But in all of their excitement, they didn't let her sleep as she should have.

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Perfect Companions