Orphan Feast

Orphan Feast

Be ready to become very angry and try to catch all these little and ugly zombie's kids! There are many foes and impediments. Use tips and kill everyone, who is attacking you! All these kids will need you for orphans. Be careful and... horrible. Vanquish the game.
Try to make everything to take all kids! Grab an umbrella to empty tom's sack of orphans. Breakout! Grab a red umbrella to warp back to your lair. Take heart. Grab one for a power up. Once you start capturing orphans, the heavier bag can be used as a more hefty weapon. Prepare for a tough fight when you reach his lair. Here the story takes a surprising turn and you head off through the factory and work your way up the gear works. So, if you have a strong stomach and you are not afraid of any strange creatures, this game is yours!

Game Statistics

  • Rating 4.50
  • Rated 60
  • Played 9,457

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Orphan Feast