On the Edge of Earth: 5000

On the Edge of Earth: 5000

If you like the adventures in open space, you will certainly like this amazing game. You will be the brave astronaut. You mission is to find the plants for colonization. Your voyage will not be easy, so get ready to resolve a lot of secrets and puzzles. Good luck and have fun!
If you always dreamed to be a spaceman, this amazing puzzle game is made for you. You have a chance to become a real spaceman and travel in future in the years 5000. You will be the pilot of the big spaceship, and your commandment gave you the mission to find the planets ready to be colonized. You will be the unique person on the ship, so you will face a lot of difficulties, secrets and puzzles on your way. So, get ready to show all your abilities and reach success in this game. There is no shooting, blood or violence in this game. So, it is a good way to relax and play this calm game. Also the puzzles it's a good mode to train you brain and attention! Get ready for the adventures in open space!

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  • Rating 4.33
  • Rated 26
  • Played 3,691

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On the Edge of Earth: 5000