Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2

Your task here is to kill all flies. Use your web to creep on walls and reach your aim as soon as possible. Beware of horrible bees, that are waiting for you to sting till the death! If you are ready, then start to play it immediately!
We are sure that you also hate flies. Here you will have a great chance to kill them! In this game you should twist all flies and to kill them, cause their buzzing is intolerable. They flying everywhere, so catch them all. But watch out! There are so many bees here. They can sting our little spider, try to be really careful! Use your web and reach your prey as quick as you can, otherwise you will be killed by angry bees! You should help the spider at any rate! Be very attentive and you may vanquish this exciting game! We wish you good luck!

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Natural Selection 2