Merendam Escape from Seram Isle

Merendam Escape from Seram Isle

Are you brave enough? Then choose this game and try to find the right way to escape from this terrible and strange place. There are so many unexpected surprises, just have faith in yourself and try to survive. This poor girl really needs you.
Well... The game is, unfortunately, a little rough around the edges, largely because its interface could do with some optimizing, like making actions instant or allowing you to swap an item with one on the ground in this game. And the slow panning of actions does add a touch of dread and cinema, and scares can come when you least expect them, even in places that were previously "safe". Cause there's something very appealingly old school about its concept and game play that echoes classic console survival horror titles, and hopefully a second installment will tie up its loose ends and smooth out the rough edges, because this game has a ton of potential here.

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  • Rating 4.50
  • Rated 23
  • Played 3,328

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Merendam Escape from Seram Isle