Los Angeles Shark

Los Angeles Shark

You know that in Los Angeles are so many sharks? Well, then here they are! Just use all your skills and eat as many people as you can. Use the arrow keys to move and ctrl to bite them. You will like it! Have no doubt! Enjoy the game.
You ask what is your goal? Cause as much carnage and combos as possible by diving down through the water and blasting yourself up out to chew on everything you can. Just use the arrow keys to swim, CTRL to bite, and skip to the end with E. Well, while Los Angeles Shark might feel a little simplistic with its focus on high-scores within a short playing time, the game is packed with pop-culture and other goofy references, not to mention achievements to unlock, and if you love a good bit of carnage and have a morbid sense of humour, then like the rest of the series. So if you are ready, then swim!

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  • Rating 4.71
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Los Angeles Shark