Last Days of Summer

Last Days of Summer

Would you like to move to the nature and just relax a little? Then this is your chance! Just help this cute girl and spend the last days of summer with her. So, everything depends on you now, just be attentive enough and enjoy the game.
As you know, big cities can be boring and wearisome. And that happens very often. Escaping somewhere away from the city and the dust and simply everything is every modern man a dream. The summer is near the end, but this girl and her colleagues decided use the rest of the summer in a best way possible. This week the will be camping far from the city, outdoors, breathing clear breath. It seems they are all ready, so, lets begin our trip. Everywhere the nature seems to be untouched by humans. The water is clear and cold. It brings up her desire to swim. The green color is everywhere and it is beautiful!

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Last Days of Summer