Knit Wits

Knit Wits

Let's party now! The New Year is soon! So, you have to meet all best friends of the main hero's. Try to control their actions and they should not be together, if they are wearing the same sweater. We know that you will do it! Just have faith in yourself!
This is the Christmas party! And our best friends are on the celebrating it too!In Knit Wits, Eileen is throwing an awesome Christmas sweater party, and everybody's invited, including all best friend of Mordecai and Rigby. But be careful! If any of the guests run into anybody wearing the same sweater, things are gonna get awkward. Keep the party going as long as you can. But be really careful. And, of course, attentive! We know that you will cope with it at any rate! Just meet all guests and try to control their actions. We promise that you will love this game!

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Knit Wits