Icyblocks Challenge

Icyblocks Challenge

Welcome to the cool challenge, where you have to play with the computer! First read attentively your task and start to play this amazing puzzle game! Use the mouse click to control it. Be suer that you will be the winner. Have a plenty of fun.
If you love any brain twisters then this game is for you. Keep an eye on the cube at the top. When it's your turn, that block will change color. Click on the specified color cubes to remove them and gain points. The more cubes you remove in your turn, the more points you get. Keep an eye on the cube beside your turn, and destroy the specified color cube to get points. There is the computer's turn. Computer will destroy the same blocks automatically. Check and select the same colored cubes. Sink into the world of cool games and show that you are the best!

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Icyblocks Challenge