Hyper Maze Arcade

Hyper Maze Arcade

Here you will control this little cube. It is very important not to fall down and lead this cube to the finish. Use all your skills, be sure that you will need it. Have faith in yourself and do everything to vanquish this cool game. Have a lot of fun, while playing.
In this puzzle game your main goal is to guide a cube through an endless moving maze. By the way. the key is timing. It is very important to be attentive and try not to fall behind, cause you will die! It is so easy to control, just set the cube directions with the arrow keys. There are also some powers, if you press z, then you will see the right path, or press x to teleport further in the maze and escape critical situations. The cube will automatically travel to the next intersection. Are you already fascinated? Then start it immediately!

Game Statistics

  • Rating 3.44
  • Rated 17
  • Played 1,730

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Hyper Maze Arcade