House on the Prairie

House on the Prairie

You are going to sell this house and you have a great chance to try all your skills and find all the necessary items. This girl will help you in all your tasks. So, follow her advices and do everything right. Be sure that you can do it! Just enjoy it!
This girl is working for many years as a sales agent for the real estate. She has a successful career, but one house at he outskirts of the city has always been a challenge to sell. She still can not find the real buyers for that house. The owners of this house are asking for a real high price for it. They say that most of the items in the house are very expensive and can be sold on the market as antiques. Do not forget your job as an assistant make sure you follow the instructions she gives you carefully. Find the valuable items, the new buyers want to be sure of their value.

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House on the Prairie