Home Improvisation

Home Improvisation

Are you able to make the furniture yourself? This unity game gives you such a great chance. Click on the box and build it alone. You can rotate it and place them where you want. Ready? Let's do it! Be sure that you will have a lot of fun here! Good luck!
Have you ever dream to create your own comfort at home yourself? In this game you have such a great chance. Left click to select each piece of furniture, use the mouse wheel to adjust elevation, and right click to control its orientation to fit each peg into each hole. Pieces will snap together if you can get the pegs close enough to the holes, but that doesn't mean the end result will look pretty. There are no redos, so each mangled, twisted lamp and table is stuck there forever, taking up space as you try to do delicate work on the next piece.

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Home Improvisation