Hiccup or Die!

Hiccup or Die!

There is no more time to explain! Cause you must do everything to collect all the gems along your way to the win. Just imagine that only one mistake and you will loose. So, as you have already understood, everything depends on your skills.
In this game you are going to climb the scarf to Heaven, hiccup through 99 hoops and reach the Stars! And always remember to hiccup, there's many dangers and every obstacle gets you closer to the goal! So, can you reach the end? And actually, what happens then? By the way, timing is the key, make sure you jump at the correct time. And there are also many dangers and obstacles that will stop you from your goal. Will you be able get over all obstacles to reach the end. Do not forget to collect gems along the way to unlock cute adventurers!

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Hiccup or Die!