G. Washington vs Zombies

G. Washington vs Zombies

Are you scared of zombies? You should not! Cause this time you have a lot of weapons and power to kill every strange creature. Just use all tips and win this game. Explore this area and be ready to fight till the death! Everything depends on you here!
Your task is to stay alive and kill all zombies here! In this game, you control George Washington. The very future of humanity is in your fingers. Control Washington with skill, kill the zombies, save the past, and restore history to how it should be... zombie free. Are you ready for such a challenge? Within each level, to activate the travel portal door thingies, you need to destroy all the alien crystals! Use arrows to move, A, S, D to attack and space to jump. You must kill them all, so just sink into the world of cool adventures. Vanquish this game.

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G. Washington vs Zombies