Green Ninja Year of the Frog

Green Ninja Year of the Frog

Have you ever seen such a brave frog? Well, this time he wants to kill all the ninjas here! Just imagine that you are the most courage here and be ready for such an amazing challenging game here! Will you cope with it? Then we wish you good luck here!
Are you brave enough? Then swipe in the way you want the green ninja to go and you will ninja kick in that direction until you hit a wall, taking down all the evil ninjas in your path, all while croaking your fearsome ninja call. By the way, not all walls are created equal. Your frog will grab on to basic red walls, but golden ones are too slippery. Here are one way walls, and green sticky walls. There are also blocks and barrels that will move when you hit them, as well as hazards for you to avoid. So, just do it!

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Green Ninja Year of the Frog