Fairies of Fury

Fairies of Fury

Timmy is waiting for you! Just try to fight like a real professional and show everyone that you are the best warrior. So, use all the tips and have faith in yourself. Choose your opponent and be sure that you can do it. We wish you good luck here.
Just try to get ready to rumble! Well, as you know Timmy's latest wish is that life be more like his favorite video game and cosmo and wanda have obliged. Well, has Timmy gotten more than he bargained for with yet another wish gone awry? Can Dimmsdale weather this strange storm? The time has come to find out! So, choose the opponent and try to help your favorite character to become the strongest guy ever. Will you cope with it? Then just have faith in yourself and be sure that you will cope with it.

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Fairies of Fury