Elenor's Unfinished Performance

Elenor's Unfinished Performance

Be ready to sink into the history of the theater. Here you will face to many secrets and mystery. Find all treasures and help this cute girl. Explore each room in the theater and enjoy the game. We wish you good luck and be very attentive here!
Ember started working as a cleaner lady in the old theater. There were a lot of rummors about some strange incidents happening late at night in the theater premises. Right after all the actors left she went to the dressing room to start her's nightshirt work over there. Suddenly strange light appeared in front of her. It was a girl and she has worked here as an actress. She was poisoned by her colleges. So, your task is to help her find all hidden objects here! So be very attentive and enjoy the game! Be sure that you will love it!

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Elenor's Unfinished Performance