Dungeon Nightmares

Dungeon Nightmares

In this game you will be moved to the strange and dangerous dungeon, where you should do everything to find the right way to escape from here. Just use all your skills and have faith in yourself. Be really careful and attentive. Enjoy the game.
Well, here you will sink into the most dangerous dungeon you have ever seen. Here you can't fight. You can barely see. So, you move around the dungeon with the arrow keys in first person, looking and interacting with the mouse. Well, most doors and chests will need you to click and hold to pick their locks, while candles can be lit... and blown out. Just hit M for a handy map that keeps track of where you've gone. You've got to collect artifacts in a series of randomly-generated dungeons before you can finally climb into the light and have fun.

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  • Rating 4.00
  • Rated 20
  • Played 3,507

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Dungeon Nightmares