Disaster Will Strike 5 Defender

Disaster Will Strike 5 Defender

You must do everything to protect the bird's eggs. Just help them and kill all the dino's eggs. Use the disaster and solve each puzzle as better as possible. Be ready to do it as better as possible and you will cope with it. Enjoy the game and good luck to you!
The first birds eggs appeared on Earth. Dinosaur eggs were furious by this! They began to destroy birds eggs. And disaster began throughout the Earth to stop the aggression. So, it is up to you to once again use the power of natural disasters to destroy all the dino eggs in each level, while at the same time making sure those bird eggs remain intact. Just click on a disaster in the top-left corner of the screen, then click where you'd like to activate it, keeping in mind you have a limited amount of them, and different disasters have their own unique effects. Have fun!

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Disaster Will Strike 5 Defender