Dino Ice Age

Dino Ice Age

Control these two dinos and help them to reach the goal and pass each stage as better as possible. As you have understood, you must control both of them, so invite your bests and start the game right now. Is everything clear? So, have much fun and you will cope with it.
You have a great opportunity to sink into the ancient world. The little dinosaur can eat grapes and make bridges over water. Let the big dinosaur defeat the woolly mammoth! Dinosaur dad and his son who were hunting in the previous chapters, are going to struggle with the oncoming Ice Age this time. The places where they live, surrounded with the snow and they have to defend themselves against wild animals. Dinosaur dad and his son must get away from the icy places and they must go to temperate regions where is much more easy to live. Collect fruits on the way and take refuge in caves to complete the levels successfully.

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Dino Ice Age