Defend Your Life!

Defend Your Life!

Welcome to the inside of our body! As you know every day millions of dangerous bacterias trying to attack us. That is why, your main goal is not to let them do this! Place your weapon and upgrade it. Just do everything that this body stay healthy all the time.
Just try to do everything to protect your body. Cause human body is in big danger! As you know your enemies are clever, flu allocates itself after death, nicotine is fast and furious, tonsillitis can make you really sick. But do not forget, anything happens, life goes on. Of course, many diseases and bacteria are attacking on organs inside body. But don't worry, you will have fighters and towers to defend them at any rate! Upgrade your army and protect the body as better as you can. It is not so easy, so have faith in yourself. Keep your body healthy.

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Defend Your Life!