Dash & Popy vs the Goblins

Dash & Popy vs the Goblins

They really need your help, cause they have a very important mission is to kill all the goblins here and collect flower to mix them. So, just use all tips and fight like the real hero! Use both characters and vanquish it right now!
This is your chance to move to the past and kill all the enemies! Just use all your skills and help these two guys to survive in such a cruel time. By the way, do not dash on blue and red goblins, you need Popy' help to kill them. Just clock to dash on goblins and collect flowers to combine them by using A, B, X, Y on x box controller or the arrow keys to help Dash. Are you ready for such an exciting challenge? Then do not waste your time and help them to win! Enjoy the game right here.

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Dash & Popy vs the Goblins