Colonel Kerfuffle in Castle Calamity

Colonel Kerfuffle in Castle Calamity

Walk around using the arrow keys on your keyboard, and turn your flashlight on or off using the space bar. The castle is divided into 5 levels. In each level, you need to find a key to unlock the door that leads to the next level. But each level has many rooms, so finding the key and the door won't be easy! If your batteries run out, and you're not carrying a spare one, you'll be left in the dark! You can carry up to 3 at a time, so keep an eye out for them... You'll need your flashlight to help you steer clear of all the holes in the floor! If you fall into one of the many holes around the castle, you'll lose a life, and get sent back to the entrance of the current level. You can restore a lost life by finding a safari hat, but you can only carry 3 of these at a time. The castle is huge, and it's easy to get lost, so tread carefully!

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Colonel Kerfuffle in Castle Calamity