Burn Everything

Burn Everything

If you like a fire, you will love this game. Your goal is to drag the match to the wood. If you will not burn every wood or grass, than you will have to play this level again, so you have to be very attentive. Have fun!
You are not allowed to burn something in your real life? It's a thousand pities. But you should not fail. We can offer you to play this cool game! Here you can and you must burn everything. With every next level it could be really hard, so you you need to follow all tips. In some levels you have to try setting the TNT to fire and everything will be burnt. You can also drag a grass or the wood. But be attentive, grass burns faster than the wood. In some levels you should look at the flame and will see the direction of it. If it will be wrong direction, you will not pass this level than you should play it again. Good luck!

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Burn Everything