Beat the Zombie!

Beat the Zombie!

When the zombie apocalypse comes, you must be ready to fight with the dead! In particular face to face! In this game you start to cut down walking with an ax, for which you take coins. Subsequently they can be purchased for improvement or replace the more powerful player. It is important that each zombie has a very large health scale - up to 999 points. And a swing with an ax makes one point of damage! Therefore, you have to get coins for upgrades (cost of the first is 30 gold) or the acquisition of new characters. Good luck!
Strike zombies or die! This is a typical clicker game. The more and faster you click, the more you get. It's simple. In this game you save the planet from the walking dead - zombies. But those are very slow, so the player is able to chop them into a salad of meat. However, it is necessary to cut long and it's boring. Therefore, for each piece of zombies issued a compensation, which can later be exchanged for the best weapon: a massive ax, shotgun, a robot fighter, and the like. Also during the games are won insignia. They are already 17 and they are awarded for various accomplishments: the first attack on the zombies to 1 million money in the account, and so on. Prepare your fingers and mouse for a long battle with the walking, using all of the best means of torture and destruction! Click as more as possible, take an incredible amount of gold coins, exchange them for upgrades and get medals! Win zombies, their roof for fresh steaks!

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Beat the Zombie!