Bad Ice-cream 3

Bad Ice-cream 3

This is the best game series you have ever played. So, just collect all the fruits here and avoid these strange creatures! Watch out! They are really dangerous! So, if you wanna to check your skills, then this game is for you. Have faith in yourself and have much fun.
So, here you will have you collecting fruit, smashing goblins, and proving that this soft-serve ain't so soft. Mmm. You will have to move with the arrow keys, and spit out or smash ice with the spacebar.  Easy? Hm. Let's try it. The bar at the bottom of the screen shows the fruit that needs chomping to complete the level. So, if there's more than one variety left, eating all of one will cause the next to spawn. By the way, while getting hit by an enemy will leave you right-squished, you can block their path by spitting out ice-cubes or bashing your way through some blockades and you will love it!

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Bad Ice-cream 3