Angry Orcs

Angry Orcs

Something bad happed and now the orc everywhere. They killing people and destroying everything on their way. You can’t let them do it. You are a soldier and your mission is to destroy all the bloodthirsty orc and save the world. Are you ready?
It was the singular sunny day. But something very bad happened and you noticed that the ugly green orcs are everywhere. The most of people are dead and the others are hiding. You are one of the last hopes of humanity to survive. You have a gun and a lot of bullets. You must begin the fearless hunt and destroy these creatures who want to capture the world. In this actin game you will face e lot of work so get ready to dangerous adventure with a lot of blood. You will have to show all you shooting abilities and courage to reach success and save the world. You have to be very attention and concentrate because you don't have right to die or step back. Don't forget that destiny of depend on you know. Are you ready to take this challenge?

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Angry Orcs