5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

This time you are going to...kill yourself. Hmm. Sounds strange, yeah? So, use the mouse to play and control the main character. He has a wedding today and you have only five minutes to kill yourself. You will cope with it, have no doubt.
Wow! This is the best day in your life and yeah! This is a wedding! It's the day of your wedding and you have got at least 5 minutes left to bring your life to a fast end. So in this game you are going to move around as the spouse or as the poor guy and find things to destroy your body. You have only 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Wedding Day is a funny sequel to the bloody self-destruction game series, where you will see a lot of strange things. Are you ready for such a strange game? Then just do it right now!

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5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)